Photographing outdoors in the daylight can be a fun experience. However, even during daylight there are situations where you will find yourself restricted. The light alone may not suffice. That’s when studio lighting comes into play. Let’s explore some reasons why you should consider studio lighting when shooting outdoors during the day.

  1. Control Over Harsh Sunlight

The sun is a bright light source and it can be beautiful. However, there are some challenges that occur when working on capturing the perfect shot. Studio lighting provides you with the control to balance the harshness from the sun in the daylight hours. You can use studio lighting with diffusers to balance the harshness to create a more flattering illumination on your subject.

2. Fill In Shadows And Create Depth

Another downside of shooting outdoors is the shadows that the sun provides. You may think of the sun as a large light source and that is true. But what makes it such a harsh light source is the distance it is from us here on earth. This distance creates those unflattering shadows under our eyes, nose and chin at certain times of the day. We can use studio lighting to fill in those shadows while shooting outdoors. The sun also may create unflattering shadows on the objects around us as well. Guess what? You guessed it, Studio lighting can fill in those shadows also with the correct placement. By reducing unwanted shadows you can create depth in the images you create.

3. Achieve A specific Mood or Style

When relying on the lighting outdoors, the conditions change rapidly due to weather. This makes it challenging to maintain a consistent look and feel across a series of shots. Studio lighting allows you to maintain that consistency within your shots regardless of your natural lighting conditions. This is valuable when you want to create a warm golden hour look when it’s midday. 

4. Control Ambient Light

When shooting outdoors you may want to control the ambient light for creative effects. With using studio lighting outdoors you can control the light within the scene. You may want to bring out the detail in the clouds and also illuminate your subject. You may also want to capture your subject in from of a vibrant sunset. With studio lighting just remember your creativity is in your control.

5. Creative Freedom

Studio lighting outdoors enables you to push the boundaries of your photography. You are able to try different lighting setup, experiment with color gels or create visual effects that you wouldn’t be able to do with natural light alone. Thus allowing you to expand your creative horizons and create images that stand out.


Using studio lighting outdoors during daylight can be a game changer for you as a photographer. It offers you to take control over harsh light, the ability to control shadows and create depth, enables you to have a consistent mood and style, and give you the ability to control ambient light. Most importantly you can have creative freedom. By incorporating studio lighting outdoors, your images will come to life with vibrancy and versatility.

Bringing studio lighting outdoors doesn’t mean abandoning the natural light outdoors, you are simply enhancing it and refining it. Thus giving you the creative edge to capture stunning images.